Plantain grow abundantly here in Costa Rica. Affordable and delicious I love them. Pacatones being one of my favorite things to eat. Bit of a guilty pleasure really as most places cook them in some sketchy G.M.O oil, yet from time to time I still order them anyway. Luckily when I make them they are considerably more healthy, coconut oil patacones are also insanely delicious.


To make them take green plantain, peel, usually using a knife helps, as it can be a bit tough, a deep slice down one side then use the blade to open it up. Chop them around the thickness of your little finger. If you cut them at an angle to give them an elongated O they look pretty nice. Lay them in the already hot coconut oil, cooking both sides until crispy. Remove them from the oil and squash them, a tortilla press is the traditional way to do this, although two chopping boards pushed together works well. Pop them back in the oil until super crispy. Remove and serve with some guacamole or refried beans, Om nom nom .

Alternatively you can make maduros as they are known here, ripe yellow plantain simply fried in coconut oil, usually as a side with a casado (marriage) which is a typical plate here in Costa Rica available at all sodas (traditional Costa Rican restaurants). Rice, beans, vegetables salad and plantain, served with a good helping of hot sauce or spicy chillero.