Example menu

All food provided is 100% from plants the only exception is the use of honey.



A typical breakfast would include:
Locally sourced organic fruits selected seasonally, usually: pineapple, papaya, banana and a selection of others.
Granola, locally made served with coconut flakes, home made almond milk, chia seeds and cacao beans.


Local organic coffee can also be provided as can smoothies.

Lunch can be a typical Costa Rican style with rice, beans, salad, home made hot sauce, salad dressing and vegetable side dishes including plantain ceviche.


Dinner is a more hearty style, with options including vegan cashew cheese and courgette lasagne. Chana masala, indian chick pea curry. Black bean and sweet potato chilli.

blooodymind - Copy

Grilled vegetable stacks, with coconut oil yucca or sweet potato mash. Classic pasta available gluten free. Please see the gallery for more examples of dinner.


All lunches and dinners are served with a large salad.


I specifically work with only plants, the only exception to this is honey. I specialise in food produced without suffering which means I choose not to work with meat, fish or dairy.

cacao tart.jpg

Herbal tea of ginger, juanilama and lemon can also be provided, as well as raw cacao truffles and desserts.


Where available all food is organic and locally grown, with fruit and vegetables direct from local farmers.